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Updated: 2 hours 29 min ago

Nightmare Commute Ahead in Latest Icy Blast

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 03:34
The governors of Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia and New Jersey have all declared states of emergency ahead of the next round of winter misery.

More Snow, Sleet and Ice Ahead in New Winter Blast

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:07
The governors of Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia and New Jersey have all declared states of emergency ahead of the next round of winter misery.

Exclusive Drone Footage Over Frozen Niagara Falls

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 10:39
The bitter cold temperatures have turned Niagara Falls into a beautiful series of frozen falls.

Snow Shoveling Gets Heated

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 07:21
A Good Samaritan, shoveling his Ohio neighbor's sidewalk triggers the ire of the next door neighbor, who at first blows snow onto him, then creates a pile to block the sidewalk. WKYC's Mike O'Mara reports.

One Final Storm? Snow, Ice Threaten 47 Million Americans

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 00:53
A winter storm threatened to pelt Kentucky, the Ohio Valley and southern Plains with ice and snow Wednesday before heading for NYC and Washington D.C.

Snow Wars: Ugly Confrontation in Ohio Neighborhood

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 00:35
One neighbor's good deed infuriated another in Eastlake, Ohio. Mike O'Mara of WKYC reports.

Winter Weather Advisories Threaten 130 Million Americans

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:56
More snow is on the way for cities that are still digging out from the last storm as winter weather advisories are issued across 34 states.

Ice Strands Scientist on Secluded Maine Island

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 07:19
A scientist at the Lobster Conservancy in Maine has remained iced-in on a Secluded island, running low on supplies, for over a month. WCSH's Don Carrigan reports.

Thousands Flee Erupting Chile Volcano

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 03:57
Villarica is one of South America's most active volcanoes.

'Far-Reaching' Storm to Bring Snow, Chill to Millions

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 03:01
A vast winter storm was moving across much of the frozen U.S. Tuesday, dumping snow on the Rockies, the Great Lakes and as far east as New England.

Youth Hockey Team Escapes Roof Collapse

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 17:15
Youth hockey coaches hailed as heroes for rushing players to safety as ice rink roof collapses during practice. NECN's Jeff Saperstone reports.

Frustrated Boston Residents Wake Up to More Snowfall

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 11:59
As Boston inches closer to breaking an all-time snowfall record, another round of winter storms is threatening 30 states across the country.

More Winter Storms on the Way for Large Swaths of U.S.

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 01:57
Another band of bad weather is moving across the U.S. on Monday, promising powder and another blast of wintry weather after February's record-smashing cold.

Winter Storm Promises Snowy, Icy Mess for Northeast

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 00:56
Boston is on the brink of breaking its all-time snowfall record for one season.

You Weren't Imagining Things — February Was Coldest Month Ever

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 01:06
In some places in the Northeast, it has never been colder in any month.

Snow, Ice Lead to Hundreds of Accidents in Texas

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 12:06
Whiteout conditions and icy roadways created a travel nightmare across Texas, where enough snow fell to blanket the Texas Rangers stadium.

Frozen "Slurpee" Waves Lick the Shores of Nantucket

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 06:37
The waves captured by a Nantucket photographer are so thick with ice that they've drawn comparisons to "Slurpees."

Beware the Ice of March: More Frigid Records In Jeopardy

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 00:59
It may be almost March, but the brutally cold winter appears unwilling to release much of the nation from its icy grip.

Snow Storm Strands Hundreds on Alabama Highway

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 14:14
More than a foot of snow fell in Alabama and tens of thousands are still without power in North Carolina as winter continued its assault on the U.S.

Man Survives Being Buried in Snow for Four Hours

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 07:47
Dean Mullins, who became trapped underneath snow after cleaning off his roof, fought to survive. "I wasn't going to go out like that," he later said.