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The Learner Project: A Student Art Exhibit

What does it mean to be a learner? On May 15, in ED’s headquarters auditorium, student groups from both coasts explored this question. Students from the School for the Visual Arts and Humanities at Robert F.

Making it Easier to Pick and Pay for College through Ratings

For so many, this season of college commencements is a joyful one filled with visions of the future. College holds the promise of a good job, lifelong learning and community engagement. Yet for too many families the price of that vital ticket to the middle class is increasingly out of reach.

Sixty Years after Brown: Where is the Outrage?

[Note: Speaker may deviate from prepared remarks] Thank you, Steve, and thank you for helping lead NPR's expanded education coverage. It's a pleasure to be back talking with education writers again.

The Story of Tennessee’s Normal Park Museum Magnet

When I was hired in 2002 as the Principal of Normal Park Museum Magnet School in Chattanooga, Tenn., the school was in crisis – with failing test scores, a dilapidated building, and low enrollment.

The New American University: The Graduate as Change Agent

[Note: Secretary Duncan deviated in spots from his prepared remarks] Thank you, President Crow. And congratulations, Sun Devils! On the way over, President Crow gave me a quick tutorial on how to make the Pitchfork.

Progress and Challenges 60 Years After Brown v. Board

Anniversaries that commemorate milestones in our nation’s history give us the opportunity to reflect and also to look ahead. For me, this week provides such a moment, as we mark the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the case of Oliver Brown et al. v.