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Sweden's Princess Madeleine Welcomes New Royal Baby

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 13:13
Sweden's Princess Madeleine has given birth to a boy! She went into labor Monday, only two days after attending the wedding of her brother, Prince Carl Philip. The marshal of the realm said in a statement, "Both mother and child are in good health."

Mariska Hargitay Meets Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia Benson

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 13:10
Backstage at one of Taylor Swift's recent shows, Mariska Hargitay met the cat named after her "Law & Order: SVU" character.

Video Games to Watch: Star Wars Battlefront, Guitar Hero and Fallout 4

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 12:50
For gamers, all eyes are on Los Angeles as it hosts the annual video game show E3.

Sequels & Spinoffs: 'Jurassic World' Earns Top World Premiere

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 11:05
The top ten movie premieres all have two things in common: they're each sequels, and they're adapted from source material.

How Early Should Toddlers Play With Tablets?

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 09:39
How young is too young for a child to play with computer gadgets?

See Vet's Sweet Reaction After Getting Help to Build His Dream Home

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 09:37
Bo Reichenbach is a former Navy SEAL who came back from deployment in Afghanistan with an injury ... and a dream.

How One Woman Cleans Her Home in 5 Minutes

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 09:21
One blogger has found a trick to help get her house clean in no time.

Are Short Films a Short Cut to Success for Black Filmmakers?

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 09:18
Filmmaker Tony Patrick believes there is no better time than right now to be a black writer creating shorts.

#GOTscience: Why Shame Won't Work on 'Game of Thrones'

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 08:54
In "Game of Thrones," Queen Cersei is forced to walk naked through city streets as a punishment for adultery — but does public shaming actually work?

Meet the Man Who Makes 'Silicon Valley' Real

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 04:12
HBO's 'Silicon Valley' has been hailed for capturing startup culture using authentic tech-speak. Vinith Misra is the man behind that.

What to Do When Legal Issues Sour Your Lemonade Stand

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 23:53
Every year, at least one story grabs national headlines after a pop-up lemonade stand runs afoul of the law, souring young entrepreneurial spirit.

What Beauty Brands Are Big With Millennials?

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:25
A new report shows that when it comes to beauty products, millennials may have different tastes than their mothers.

Dad's Gift of Kidney for Son Is Testament to Fatherly Love

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:22
One dad gives his son the most precious gift ever -- a part of himself, in the form of a new kidney.

6 Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts that Dad Actually Wants

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:19
Simon Isaacs, co-founders of Fatherly.com, joined TODAY to share some of his favorite Father's Day gift list items.

Meet the Australian Blood Donor Who's Saved More Than 2 Million Lives

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:17
The word people tend to use when describing Australian James Harrison is "humble," which is surprising given that he's responsible for saving more than 2 million lives.

'Jurassic World' Bites Off Biggest Global Debut of All Time

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 13:22
"Jurassic World," the fourth film in the series, became the highest global opener of all time with a staggering $511.8 million in its first days in theaters.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Wife Sophie Hunter Have Baby Boy

Sat, 06/13/2015 - 23:51
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch and wife Sophia Hunter have become parents of a baby boy.

Here's Why We're All About Half-Up Hairstyles This Summer

Sat, 06/13/2015 - 21:34
The half-updo is back and cooler than ever with stylish top knots, braids and all-natural texture included. Here's how to embrace the trend.

9 Super Easy Ways to Smile Before You Go to Bed

Sat, 06/13/2015 - 14:11
If you're having a tough time getting to sleep, try something that makes you smile before you go to bed. Try these happy bedtime tips.