Kids' Health News

The brains of premature infants can catch up years later

There's some good news for parents of preterm babies - latest research from the University of Adelaide shows that by the time they become teenagers, the brains of many preterm children can perform...

'New drug target for leukemia identified'

The largest ever genetic analysis of childhood blood cancer has unveiled a strand of RNA that could be targeted by drugs to slow progression of leukemia.

Childhood obesity: is it being taken seriously?

Childhood obesity has soared in the past 3 decades, meaning more children are at risk of obesity-related illnesses. But is the condition still overlooked? We investigate.

Increasing MMR uptake by most cost-effective means

Giving parents access to a website containing information about the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is the most cost-effective way of increasing its uptake, new University of Leeds research...

Mothers transfer fear to their babies through odors

In a rat study, researchers identified the specific brain area where fear transmission settles during early days of life, by showing how mothers transfer fears to babies via odors.