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Russian troop numbers boosted at Ukraine border: NATO

Russia now has some 20,000 troops stationed by its border with conflict-torn eastern Ukraine, a NATO official told CNN Tuesday, a buildup that may trigger concern in Kiev and among its Western allies.

Fighter jet scrambled to escort plane into UK airport

A fighter jet was scrambled Tuesday to escort a passenger plane into Britain's Manchester Airport after the pilot received information that a "possible suspicious device" was on board, police said.

Skyscraper threatened by sinkholes

The construction of what would be Seoul's tallest building has hit a snag following the appearance of a number of mysterious sinkholes in and around the neighborhood where it is being built.

Alan Gross 'withdrawn,' saying goodbye

Detained American Alan Gross told his wife and daughter something they weren't expecting during a recent visit in Cuba: Goodbye.

Does Hamas use human shields?

Randi Kaye looks into Israel's claim that Hamas uses its civilians as human shields to garner international sympathy.

Israel withdraws troops from Gaza

The Israeli military said Tuesday that it has withdrawn its ground troops from Gaza for a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire in the conflict with Hamas.

When laughing is a sin

After Turkey's deputy prime minister said women laughing in public was sinful, women took to social media ... to sin.

Has world forgotten about Syria?

There are photos of bodies with limbs torn from their sockets, others showing people with their eyes gouged out -- even shots of people being crucified.

8 Lebanese soldiers killed along Syrian border

At least eight Lebanese soldiers were killed amid clashes with insurgents who had crossed the border from Syria, Lebanon's official National News Agency reported Sunday.

WWI outbreak marked in Belgium

Twelve cannons were fired in Liege, Belgium, on Monday to conclude a ceremony marking the outbreak of World War I 100 years ago.

Russian soldier's selfies backfire

A Russian soldier is posting selfies on Instagram that reveal his exact location, indicating a presence in Ukraine.