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Israel-Gaza truce broken ... again

An Israeli delegation has been ordered home from talks in Cairo aimed at ending the conflict in Gaza, a senior Israeli official says, after the Israeli military blamed militants in Gaza for breaking the truce.

Lance Armstrong: 'I blame myself'

The disgraced cyclist insists he blames himself following his admission of long-term doping -- which has left him in a battle with the U.S. government as he seeks to save the fortune he earned.

China's $50 billion woman?

China is now the second-largest advertising market in the world...thanks to this woman?

'Exploding lake' powers Rwanda

Rwanda's Lake Kivu houses enough methane to cause major destruction. Instead, it could power the country

King's bones reveal rich tastes

Tests on the long-lost skeleton of Richard III reveal the medieval monarch had a taste for rich foods such as peacock, heron and swan, and that his liking for the finer things in life -- including wine -- increased significantly after he became the king of England.