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Imagine finding Earth 2.0

A NASA panel discusses how close it is to finding signs of life in the universe.

Ferry search helicopter crash kills 5 in South Korea

A helicopter carrying emergency workers involved in the Sewol ferry disaster operations crashed Thursday in a South Korean city, fire officials said, leaving five dead and one injured.

Israel-Palestinian unrest felt around world

As missiles and rockets fly in the Middle East, tensions are boiling over around the world between activists at demonstrations on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many protests have been peaceful, but not all of them.

Assange detention order remains in place

A detention order against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on sexual assault allegations should remain in place, a Swedish judge ruled Wednesday.

China and Japan's 'war of words'

Chinese state media frequently treats Japan's atrocities of the past like breaking news of today. But lately, the steady flow of war history-related news has become a flood.

\World's best amusement parks

In the hunt for the world's best amusement park, the people have spoken -- and it seems the people like mixing with creatures who eat a lot of fish.

Man detained over murder of Russian TV anchor

A suspect has been detained in connection with the murder of a Russian TV anchor who worked for the "360 Moscow region" TV station, Russia's Investigative Committee said Wednesday

Does Japanese artist's arrest prove her point?

In a country with a flourishing porn industry and an annual penis festival, it may come as a surprise that an artist with a mission to make female genitalia "more casual and pop" has run afoul of authorities.