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Second bombing hits Russia

Another suspected suicide bombing struck Volgograd today, killing at least 14 people and highlighting Russia's security challenges as it prepares to host the Winter Olympics.

Egypt arrests 3 Al Jazeera journalists

Three Al Jazeera journalists were arrested by Egyptian security forces, with the government saying at least one of them met with members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

See moment of train station blast

In this video from Russia state media, you can see the blast going off at the core of the train station in Volgograd.

Bomb explodes near Egypt military offices

Fresh violence rocked Egypt on Sunday when an explosion wounded four people near military intelligence offices in the Nile Delta, state-run Nile TV reported.

Rescue ship stonewalled by ice

A Chinese ship trying to reach a trapped expedition vessel in Antarctica has now become hampered by ice itself.

Al Qaeda on the rebound, experts say

Two years after the end of the Iraq war, the U.S. State Department confirmed this week that it is providing the fragile country with sophisticated weapons and drones. Iraq needs help fighting against a growing and serious threat -- al Qaeda.

Libya releases 4 U.S. military personnel

The Libyan government late Friday released four U.S. military personnel who had been taken into custody while they were operating near the city of Sabratha, some 50 miles west of Tripoli, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman said.