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Royal baby has first play date

Prince George's first royal play date in New Zealand included babies born around the same time as the future king.

How central are women's rights to India's elections?

The gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student on a moving bus in New Delhi in December 2012 marked a sharp turning point for the debate on women's rights in India. The protests that exploded nationwide following the incident brought the issue forcefully to the political table in a way that revealed the power of the Indian masses, according to a prominent advocate for women's rights.

Chinese cup breaks auction record

The auction room -- standing room only -- broke into applause when the hammer finally went down. On sale was a tiny, white cup decorated with chickens, and the buyer was a prolific art collector from Shanghai, Liu Yiqian.

Cuba double agent speaks

Patrick Oppmann speaks to a member of the Cuban state security apparatus about secret US communications programs on the island.

Russia: Don't worry about our troops

Russia's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that Ukraine and the United States have "no reason for concern" about the presence of Russian forces, which it says are on military exercises.