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'Several killed' in migrant ship sinking

A ship carrying migrants sank about 100 miles off southern Italy, killing several who had been on board, Italy's state-run ANSA news agency reported Monday, citing the Italian coast guard.

Oscar Pistorius suffers anxiety, psychiatrist testifies

Oscar Pistorius suffers an anxiety disorder stemming from his double amputation as an infant and his unstable parents, a psychiatrist testified at the murder trial of the South African track star Monday.

Flight 370 search chief: Hunt most difficult in history

The man leading the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 says the search is the most difficult in human history, but modern technology greatly increases the chances of finding the missing plane.

The child killer we can stop

Imagine for a moment that we lived in a world where two million children under the age of five were dying every year of diseases that were entirely preventable. Imagine that this world was divided in two, where in one half children were free from this scourge and the other half lived in fear of these diseases which threatened their families every single day.

At least 40 dead after Libya boat sinks

A boat carrying illegal migrants sank off the coast of Tripoli on Sunday, killing at least 40 people, the spokesman for Libya's Interior Ministry told CNN.

Cuteness overload in Japan?

In the face of an army of cartoon characters, some Japanese officials are concerned the public is facing a cuteness overload.

Vietnamese protesters target Chinese embassy

Hundreds of protestors took to the streets in Vietnam Sunday as territorial disputes escalated tensions between the communist state and its neighbor China.

Ukraine vote: 90% for independence

Nearly 90% of voters in the Donetsk region voted in favor of independence from Ukraine and 10% voted against it, an election official said.

Ukraine separatists: Vote is still on

Pro-Russian activists in eastern Ukraine insisted Saturday that a controversial referendum on greater autonomy will go ahead -- despite calls from Kiev and Moscow not to hold the vote amid soaring tensions.

South Sudan rivals sign cease-fire deal

South Sudan's President has reached a cease-fire deal with a rebel leader following five months of violence in the world's youngest nation.

First lady: Nigeria kidnappings 'unconscionable'

First lady Michelle Obama on Saturday condemned the "unconscionable" kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian school girls, saying the action was taken by "a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education."