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Broken parts to delay Flight 370 search for days

The underwater search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is on hold -- and probably will be for at least four days -- because of a malfunctioning part on the submersible Bluefin-21 and a broken transponder on the Bluefin's mother ship, the U.S. Navy's deputy director of ocean engineering said Wednesday.

Global study: 1 in 4 adults anti-Semitic

One in four adults worldwide are "deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes," the Anti-Defamation League announced, in releasing results of an unprecedented global survey.

Fistfights amid bread Venezuela lines

Shoppers in Venezuela know that shortages of staples like cornmeal, milk and chicken are a harsh reality of life, but now -- amid violent protests and strikes -- shortages have spread to that most basic of basics: bread.

Ukraine to start national talks

With the clock ticking down ahead of Ukraine's presidential elections, it's time to talk. But it's not thought the pro-Russian separatists at the center of Ukraine's ongoing turmoil are invited to sit at the table.

Electric transport revolution coming?

Green and yellow auto rickshaws chug through the crowded streets of New Delhi. Tuk tuks sputter on the roads in Thailand to tourists' delight.

Pistorius ordered to psychiatric testing

Oscar Pistorius, the onetime Olympic athlete turned murder suspect, must undergo a month of psychiatric testing before his trial can continue, the judge in the case ruled Wednesday.