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Double car bomb attack in Somalia

A double car bomb attack outside of a hotel in Somalia's capital Wednesday night killed at least one person and injured up to a dozen others, police said.

2 dead in Brotherhood clashes in Egypt

About 200 demonstrators in Egypt clashed with security forces and local residents, leaving two dead in the country's second-largest city Wednesday, the Interior Ministry said.

Musharraf hospitalized just before his trial

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who was due in court Thursday for his trial, has been hospitalized after falling ill, his lawyer told CNN.

Passengers pulled from icebound ship

A helicopter rescued dozens of passengers Thursday from a ship trapped in ice off Antarctica after a string of failed attempts.

U.N. misses key Syria deadline

United Nations misses key deadline for removing chemical weapons from Syria. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports.

U.S.: Agreement to implement Iran nuclear deal near

The United States dismissed a report that an agreement had been reached between Iran and world powers to begin implementing a deal that requires Tehran to limit its nuclear program.

Dubai blasts old firework record

Dubai city organizers pulled off a world record for the world's biggest firework display. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

Kim praises North Korea execution

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Wednesday said the recent purge of his uncle and former protector brought greater unity within the secretive, nuclear-armed state.

Taiwan's giant rubber duck bursts

A giant yellow duck on display at Taiwan's Keelung Port is finding little to be happy about this New Year's Day.