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Controversial U.S. base in Japan 'allowed to move'

A Japanese governor has approved a measure to allow for the relocation of a controversial U.S. military base on Okinawa, breaking 17 years of stagnation on the base's transfer plan, the government of Okinawa said Friday

Three dead in Egypt clashes

Backers of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood battled police in Cairo and other cities after Friday prayers. At least three people died and 265 were arrested, the Interior Ministry said.

Gay and afraid in Uganda

Members of Uganda's lesbian and gay community fear they'll be persecuted even more than they are, as Arwa Damon reports.

Beirut attack kills U.S. friend, Syria foe

Mohamad Chatah, a former Lebanese finance minister and ambassador to the United States, died Friday when a car bomb struck his convoy in downtown Beirut, Lebanon's National News Agency reported.

Rescue on the way

An ice-breaking rescue ship is within sight of stranded research vessel stranded off the Coast of Antarctica.

Antarctic rescue could happen today

After four days trapped in Antarctic sea ice, the 74 people aboard an expedition vessel could soon be freed. Two ice-breaking ships are expected to reach them on Friday.