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55 sentenced at 'show trial' in Chinese stadium

A Chinese court sentenced 55 people on terror charges before thousands of onlookers in a stadium in Xinjiang Province Wednesday, as part of a hardline response to a string of deadly attacks across the country.

Pro-Russia force admits holding monitors

Pro-Russia separatist militants are holding four European observers who have been missing since Monday, the self-declared mayor of a Ukrainian rebel stronghold told CNN.

MH370 search: This wasn't right area

The 850-square-kilometer swath of the Indian Ocean where officials have focused their hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 probably isn't the right place, the joint search agency said Thursday.

South Africa's most eccentric town

With a 17-meter-tall pineapple, South Africa's oldest pub and a devotion to cheesy humor, this eclectic community excels at standing out in the crowd.

MH370 search goes back to square one

What was believed to be the best hope of finding the missing plane is now being called a false hope. Rene Marsh explains.

Kate's bottom shown in paper

A German tabloid posted a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge's exposed backside after a gust of wind blew her skirt up.

Team of monitors missing in eastern Ukraine

Four members of Europe's Special Monitoring Mission who went missing in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk are being held by a pro-Russian group, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebynis said Wednesday.

Sources: Boko Haram kills 33 security personnel in Nigeria

Militants with Islamist terror group Boko Haram killed at least 33 security personnel in attacks this week on a military base and a police station in northeastern Nigeria's Yobe state, security sources said Wednesday.

His sculptures will hypnotize you

Anthony Howe makes sculptures that refuse to stay still. His mammoth-sized, stainless steel kinetic sculptures twist, turn and transform their shape in ways that can call to mind anything from a giant squid to electrons buzzing around an atom's nucleus.

World's most controversial foods

For some they're delicacies, for others species in need of protection. Some of the more divisive dishes travelers may encounter.

Fire at South Korean hospital kills 21

At least 21 people have died in a fire at hospital for the elderly in southwestern South Korea, the National Emergency Management Agency said Wednesday morning.

French police in migrant camp standoff

Police in northern France reportedly moved in Wednesday on makeshift migrant camps near the port of Calais, prompting a standoff with the defiant residents -- many of whom have fled conflicts in Syria, Sudan and Eritrea.