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France orders wrong size trains

After ordering $20B worth of trains, France realized many of their platforms are too small. CNN's Jim Boulden explains.

Images N. Korea doesn't want seen

Photographer Eric Lafforgue visited North Korea and shares his inside look at the most isolated country in the world.

20,000 bees removed from car

Brianna Keilar speaks to a man who watched his housemate's car get stormed by 20,000 bees in Britain.

Thai military announces coup

Thailand's military has announced that it is taking over the government in a coup. CNN's Paula Hancocks has more.

Thai military announces coup

The Thai military has taken control of the government in a coup, the country's military chief announced in a national address Thursday.

Man stabs passengers aboard Taiwan train

Moments after his train left a station in Taipei on Wednesday, a young Taiwanese man randomly stabbed passengers before his violent fury ended when he was forced to the ground, police said.

China blasts kill 31, injure at least 90

A series of explosions struck a market in the capital of the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang, causing an unspecified number of deaths and injuries, China's official news agency Xinhua reported.

Devastating Nigeria attacks show growing reach of Boko Haram

A large part of northern and central Nigeria is now at the mercy of intensified attacks by Boko Haram, and the group seems to be embarking on a new phase of its campaign against the Nigerian state -- piling further pressure on the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. Far from seizing the opportunity to outline demands for greater autonomy and resources for northern Nigeria, Boko Haram seems set on two goals: the destruction of the Nigerian state and what it -- and it alone -- sees as creating God's Kingdom on Earth.

Mubarak, two sons sentenced

A court in Cairo sentenced ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to three years in prison Wednesday for embezzlement.

Tunisia approves new constitution

Tunisia's national assembly approved the country's landmark new constitution -- its first since the ouster of longtime president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali three years ago.

Inside Fukushima's 'red zone'

A top researcher in Japan says TEPCO underestimated the damage at Fukushima, reports CNN's Will Ripley.