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Lawmaker: Sunken ferry was renovated

A South Korean lawmaker said Thursday that renovations last year expanded the top floor of the Sewol, the ferry that sank last week, to make room for 117 more passengers.

This video will make your heart stop

Veteran BASE jumpers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a world record by BASE jumping off the world's tallest building.

4 killed in blast in Nairobi suburb

At least four people, including two police officers, were killed when a car exploded outside a police station in the Nairobi suburb of Pangani, Kenya's Ministry of Interior said Wednesday on its Twitter account.

See baby photos of Kim Jong Un

State media has released never before seen baby pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Take a look.

Obama reassures Japan at start of Asia tour

President Barack Obama arrived in Japan on Wednesday for the first part of his Asia trip that started with reassuring Tokyo of U.S. support in its bitter territorial dispute with China.

No air pockets found on ferry

Divers searching the sunken South Korean ferry have found no air pockets inside the ship. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Ukraine to target militants in 4 cities

Pro-Russian militants in four key cities will be targeted as authorities seek to regain control of Ukraine's restive east, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema said Wednesday.

Was al Qaeda bomb chief killed in Yemen?

DNA tests are being conducted on those killed in a massive anti-terror operation in Yemen to determine if a high-profile al Qaeda bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, is among the dead, Yemeni officials said Tuesday.