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Relatives march to Malaysian embassy at midnight

Families of Chinese passengers on board missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have engaged in a rare late-night act of civil disobedience in this tightly-controlled city.

102 killed in Afghanistan floods

Flooding caused by heavy rains killed at least 102 people in three provinces of northern Afghanistan, disaster officials said Friday.

Unruly passenger prompts hijack scare

An incident with an unruly passenger aboard a Virgin Australia plane on its way to Indonesia triggered reports of a hijacking Friday.

Africa through African eyes

Can a photo competition change the world? Probably not, but when paired with the brainpower of IBM and the problem-solving capabilities of the world's most advanced artificially intelligent computer systems, it might just stand a chance.

MH370: Initial underwater search nears end

The Bluefin-21's initial search is nearing its end. As the underwater sonar device plunged into the Indian Ocean for its 13th mission Friday, authorities are focusing on what they will do if it comes up empty.

Meth users here as young as 9

Meth use by children as young as 9 is a new challenge for Mexican authorities. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

This may solve plane mystery

Forensic experts say cell phones could solve one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history. Ted Rowlands reports.

Putin's fighters, missiles, warships

Though the days of the USSR are gone, Russia remains an economic and military superpower. Here's what you need to know.

World's fastest elevator

In the time it takes you to skim this piece, you could travel 95 stories into the clouds on the world's new fastest elevator.

Meet India's 'Spider-Man' candidate

Forget going door-to-door, Gaurav Sharma, 31, campaigns from window-to-window. He's an independent candidate running for a seat in India's general election from South Mumbai.

This train is about to hit him

An elderly man in the Czech Republic escaped with minor injuries after being hit by a speeding train.

Will China embrace electric cars?

The room exploded in cheers when it was announced that the Denza electric car would sell for RMB 369,000 ($59,100), at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this week.