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How things have gotten worse for Iraqis

On a bitterly cold December morning in 2011, we watched as the last U.S. troops crossed the border into Kuwait, ending America's war in Iraq.

Report: 18 casualties in Chinese village explosion

An explosion in a village in southern China's Guizhou province caused 18 casualties on Monday afternoon, China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported, citing local officials.

State memorial held for Sharon

International leaders and top Israeli officials attended a state memorial ceremony Monday for Israel's former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who died last week.

Protesters begin 'Bangkok shutdown'

A planned month-long protest intended to force Thailand's Prime Minister from office began Monday with about 50,000 demonstrators laying siege to major intersections in the large and hectic capital city Bangkok.

Marijuana at the Amsterdam coffee shop

Every year 6 million tourists come to Amsterdam for the culture, but others come for the marijuana. CNN's Atika Shubert reports.

Fear rises in Russia's gay community

For those who were once openly gay in Russia, now fear for their lives due to the changes in the law. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Russia's 'anti-gay' law pushes gay community into shadows

Pavel Petel was once an open, flamboyant bisexual man from Ukraine who built up a career as a model, performance artist and DJ in Russia. Photographs of him semi-naked while riding a horse and brandishing a gun are a feast for web surfers.

The dandy is back

Meet the most spectacularly well-dressed men in the world

Thousands pay last respects to Sharon

Thousands of people paid their last respects to Israel's former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Sunday as his body lay in state outside the nation's parliament.

Violence fears in Thailand as Bangkok shutdown begins

Rights groups and others have called on Thai authorities and anti-government protesters to respect human rights and avoid violence during mass demonstrations in Thailand's capital, Bangkok.

Feed your hungry babies, Pope tells mothers

It boasts some of the world's most celebrated works of art: Michelangelo's frescoes depicting the creation of man and a severe God at the Last Judgment.