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Argentina's president goes off the grid

It's been almost a month since Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's last public appearance. As speculation surges about her heath, critics question who's running the South American country.

Inside Syria's abandoned homes

Amid the rubble, you see a child's toy, clothing, furniture, family photographs. Homes that once sheltered families now ripped open, their insides spilling out like intestines.

Australia extreme heat continues

Much of Australia continues to bake as temperatures reach 108 Fahrenheit. Seven Network's Amelia Mulcahy reports.

Wounded Syrians pour into Turkey

Wounded Syrians streamed across the Turkish border seeking first aid Wednesday after a car bombing in a border town that's become a battleground in the fight between Syrian rebel factions.

413,000 displaced in South Sudan: U.N.

A month of conflict has displaced about 413,000 people in South Sudan, the United Nations said Wednesday, after a major surge in those fleeing violence in the past week.

Reagan replacing Washington in Japan

Ronald Reagan will replace George Washington in Japan -- or specifically the naval namesakes of the 40th and first presidents.

New limbs for Syria war victims

Syrian war victims take their first steps on the road to recovery at a prosthetic limb clinic in Turkey.

Mosque attack blamed on settlers

Israeli Jewish settlers set the entrance of a West Bank mosque on fire and spray-painted the mosque walls with hate messages against Palestinians and Muslims early Wednesday, Palestinian officials said.

No bananas for monkeys: Zoo

Monkeys and bananas. It's as natural a pairing as squirrels and nuts or movies and popcorn.

North Korea opens ski resort

Koryo Tours' Simon Cockerell talks about what it's like to hit the slopes at North Korea's newest resort.

Palestinian refugees starving to death in Syrian camp: Group

A man lies dead; his severely emaciated body makes the rib cage protruding from his midsection look violent and sharp. A child sits in the dirt, the closed storefront behind him spray-painted with the words "I swear to God I am hungry." The lifeless body of a baby lies discolored and wrapped in a white sheet. Rights groups say people are starving at the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, just 6 miles from central Damascus, Syira.

Brazil killing spree leaves 12 dead

A five-hour killing rampage allegedly involving execution-style killings in Brazil's southeastern city of Campinas has left 12 people dead -- and authorities investigating whether the incidents may have been perpetrated by police.