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Second boat in 2 days sinks off Malaysia

A small overcrowded boat sank off the coast of Malaysia early Thursday, a maritime official said. It's the second boat to go down in two days.

Iraq asks for U.S. aid

Iraq asks the U.S. for help to fight ISIS , as many fear Baghdad may be their next target. CNN's Nic Roberston reports.

Buddhist violence shocks Sri Lanka

In the areas surrounding the Sri Lankan town of Aluthgama, an idyllic coastal settlement popular with tourists, Muslims and Buddhists have lived side by side peacefully for generations. But a wave of deadly communal violence has changed that.

China goes World Cup crazy

Thirty-two of the world's best football teams are now competing for the iconic golden World Cup trophy -- but the planet's most populous nation is not among them.

Brazilian uses his art to protest

Paintings in Rio draw attention to Brazil's social hardships. Isa Soares meets one of the country's top mural painters.

Principal fired over Sewol ferry disaster

The principal of a high school, which lost 244 students and 10 teachers in the deadly Sewol ferry disaster in April, has been removed from his post, according to the local education office.

Ukraine to implement unilateral ceasefire

Ukraine's President on Wednesday announced that he will implement a unilateral cease-fire to ease the crisis in the restive eastern part of the country.

Japan cracks down on child porn

Japan has passed a bill outlawing child pornography, but as CNN's Will Ripley reports there are loopholes.

'Militants driven back' from Iraq refinery

Iraq's military claimed Wednesday to have driven back militants who stormed the country's main oil refinery in the town of Baiji, the latest front in the battle for control of swaths of Iraq.