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Updated: 2 hours 35 min ago

Coast Guard: There were boots on the ground after oil spill

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 23:05
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The leader overseeing a massive oil cleanup along the California coast defended the initial response, saying there were boots on the ground after the spill that stained popular beaches.

APNewsBreak: Some telescope protesters' charges to be tossed

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 11:37
HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii County's top prosecutor said Friday he will dismiss charges against about 10 of the 31 protesters who were arrested while blocking construction of a giant telescope on a mountain held sacred by Native Hawaiians.

Russia: Rocket failure was due to vibrations

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 11:02
MOSCOW (AP) — Russian space officials say this month's launch failure of a Proton rocket was due to excessive vibrations in the engine of the rocket's third stage.

Response by operator of broken oil pipeline faces scrutiny

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 06:56
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) — Emergency workers and officials from a pipeline operator had gathered last week to train for the worst — an oil spill — when a 911 call came in reporting a noxious smell at a nearby beach.

Physicist's Nobel Prize sells for $765,000 in online auction

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 06:25
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A 1988 Nobel Prize put up for auction by a retired experimental physicist has sold for $765,002.

Magnitude-6.7 quake strikes remote area off Alaska coast

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 05:36
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A strong earthquake has struck in a remote region off the Alaska coast, but officials say there is no tsunami threat or immediate reports of damage.

Fossils of previously unknown beaver species found in Oregon

Thu, 05/28/2015 - 15:05
GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A fossilized skull and teeth from a newly described species of beaver that lived 28 million years ago have been unearthed in eastern Oregon.

Science magazine retracts study on voters' gay-rights views

Thu, 05/28/2015 - 11:47
NEW YORK (AP) — Science magazine has formally retracted an article about a study gauging the ability of openly gay canvassers to shift voters' views toward support for same-sex marriage.

Bear scurries around Wyoming city, falls asleep, gets caught

Thu, 05/28/2015 - 11:27
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — After leading wildlife officials on a daylong chase through a Wyoming city, an exhausted young black bear fell asleep under an aspen tree.

Oil globs close Los Angeles-area beaches to swimming

Thu, 05/28/2015 - 08:49
MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Nearly 7 miles of Los Angeles-area coastline was closed to beachgoers Thursday as scientists investigated mysterious balls of tar washing ashore.

Elephant numbers plunge in Mozambique because of poachers

Thu, 05/28/2015 - 05:43
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Conservationists say the elephant population in Mozambique has dropped nearly 50 percent in the last five years because of poaching, but cite good news from Uganda, where the elephant population is increasing.

NIH: Major study finds earlier HIV treatment improves health

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 23:25
WASHINGTON (AP) — A major international study sought to settle how soon is best to start HIV treatment — and the advice is don't delay.

EPA plans temporary pesticide restrictions while bees feed

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 20:02
WASHINGTON (AP) — If honeybees are busy pollinating large, blooming croplands, farmers wanting to spray toxic pesticides will soon have to buzz off, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing.

Whale washes ashore in 12th recent death in California

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 09:45
POINT REYES STATION, Calif. (AP) — Another dead whale washed ashore in Northern California, the 12th carcass that has appeared in the past few months and marks a higher-than-normal number of deaths but not a record.

Study: Ethiopian fossils indicate new forerunner of humans

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 09:23
NEW YORK (AP) — A fossil find adds another twig to the human evolutionary tree, and it gives new evidence that the well-known "Lucy" species had company in what is now Ethiopia.

Study reveals flaws in gene testing; results often conflict

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 07:57
The first report from a big project to improve genetic testing shows it is not as rock solid as many people believe.

Court hearing in NYC on whether chimps have rights

Tue, 05/26/2015 - 20:51
NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for two chimpanzees are heading to court to argue that the animals have "personhood" rights and should be freed from the Long Island university where they are kept.

Hawaii governor: Telescope can continue, but changes needed

Tue, 05/26/2015 - 18:11
HONOLULU (AP) — A project to build a giant telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea has the right to move forward, but Hawaii has failed the mountain in many ways, Gov. David Ige said Tuesday.

Physicist's Nobel Prize up for auction; $325,000 minimum bid

Tue, 05/26/2015 - 14:36
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A retired Chicago physicist has put his 1988 Nobel Prize up for auction.

Protester leaves Shell ship after hanging on since Friday

Mon, 05/25/2015 - 10:09
BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — The woman who has been hanging off the anchor chain of an Arctic oil-drilling support ship since Friday night has ended her protest north of Seattle.