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Police raid Islamic charity in Turkey

Turkish police on Tuesday raided the offices of a Turkish Islamic charity on the border with Syria as part of an operation against the al Qaeda terror organization.

Military rule popular with Egyptians, study finds

Egyptians are far more likely to support military rule than people in many other countries in the Middle East, but they're also more likely to support Islamic law, according to a study released as the Arab world's most populous country prepares to vote on a new constitution.

Bangkok 'shutdown' extends into 2nd day

Tens of thousands of demonstrators jammed key Bangkok intersections in anti-government protests intended to drive Thailand's Prime Minister out of office.

Dozens dead in Philippine landslides

Two days of heavy rains set off floods and landslides in the southeastern Philippines, leaving dozens dead and thousands displaced.

Theme park to replay Titanic sinking

A Chinese theme park plans to open a full-scale replica of RMS Titanic, complete with simulation of an iceberg collision.

Venezuela weighs pet food price controls

Cats and dogs in Venezuela may soon be getting a taste of the South American country's brand of socialism as the country weighs controlling pet food prices.

How things have gotten worse for Iraqis

On a bitterly cold December morning in 2011, we watched as the last U.S. troops crossed the border into Kuwait, ending America's war in Iraq.

Report: 18 casualties in Chinese village explosion

An explosion in a village in southern China's Guizhou province caused 18 casualties on Monday afternoon, China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported, citing local officials.