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Exodus from Pakistan's troubled north

Pakistan's much-awaited military offensive in North Waziristan was launched more than a week ago, and followed an attack on Karachi airport that left at least 36 people dead.

The 'bionic men' of World War I

Thomas Schlich says the mutilation -- and survival -- of soldiers in WWI led to major gains in the technology of prosthetic limbs, producing the forerunners of our modern prosthetic designs.

Blast kills 21 at plaza in Nigerian capital

An explosion rocked a parking lot at a crowded plaza in Nigeria's capital Wednesday afternoon, killing 21 people and injuring 17 others, a spokesman for Nigeria's relief agency said.

ISIS right outside Baghdad

CNN's Nic Robertson drives just outside Baghdad, close to the front lines of battle with ISIS.

NASA tests World Cup match ball

Adidas created the official ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup featuring an innovative six-panel design. NASA takes a look.

Wife visits Gross in Cuba

The wife of imprisoned U.S. State Department contractor Alan Gross traveled to Cuba Tuesday as part of her ongoing effort to free her husband.

450,000 displaced as Pakistan attacks militants

More than 450,000 Pakistanis have fled their homes for safer areas in the past two weeks as the military has attacked suspected anti-government militant hideouts in northwestern Pakistan, disaster management officials said Tuesday.

Released Sudanese Christian woman faces 2 new charges

A Sudanese Christian woman who was sentenced to die for refusing to renounce her faith -- and then released -- has been charged on two criminal counts after trying to leave the African country for the United States, her legal team said Wednesday.

Polls open in key Libyan elections

Polls opened in Libya on Wednesday in the country's second parliamentary elections since the fall of the Gadhafi regime in 2011.

Syrian warplanes strike in Iraq: Official

At least 57 Iraqi civilians were killed and more than 120 others were wounded by what local officials say were Syrian warplanes that struck several parts of Anbar province Tuesday.