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Pistorius defense suggests Steenkamp wasn't cowering

One of the most respected ballistics experts in South Africa disputed key elements of the prosecution case against Oscar Pistorius on Friday, saying that the girlfriend he killed last year did not appear to have been in a defensive position when he shot her.

Crowds in Moscow, Sevastopol, cheer parade

Crowds packed the streets of Moscow and the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Friday for Victory Day parades in an annual show of nationalistic fervor heightened by Russia's recent annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

U.S. officials 'hitting the ground' in Nigeria

U.S. military officials are expected to arrive in Nigeria on Friday to help in the search for hundreds of girls kidnapped by Islamist militants, the Pentagon said.

6.4 quake shakes southern Mexico

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico's Guerrero state Thursday, less than a month after a stronger temblor hit the area, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Art gives new life to boys' club

Elusive artist Banksy has given a Bristol, UK boys' club his blessing to sell one of his pieces. Isa Soares reports.

'Christian militia attacks Muslim convoy'

Moments after breastfeeding her baby, Didiatou Hassam was shot in the head, the latest victim of bitter fighting between Muslim and Christian militia groups in the Central African Republic.

Ever seen sand castles like these?

Artist Calvin Seibert creates stunning modernist sand castles using just a bucket, a plastic placemat and a $1.50 plastic tool from a hardware store.

Wrong about Liberia?

Unhappy with Liberia's image on the Internet, a photographer decided to present his own view, using GIFs.

Boko Haram's brutality grows

We don't know what happened to the 276 kidnapped girls, but now the militants may be going after those trying to find the girls.

CEO of South Korean ferry operator is arrested

South Korean authorities are cracking down on the company that operated the passenger ferry that sank last month, a disaster that killed hundreds of people and shocked the nation.