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Syria, U.S. surveillance in focus in group's annual rights report

Syria has been killing civilians and international powers have failed to intervene. The United States has killed people with drones and listened in on private communications in the name of national security. Russia has passed laws that target gays and lesbians. These are some of the trends in 2013 that Human Rights Watch (HRW) cited in its annual account of human rights records around the world on Tuesday.

Tupac and Sinatra: Back from dead?

Is that Tupac and Sinatra performing live? How did that happen?! Meet Eyeliner: the optical system that can bring the dead back to life.

Kickstarter's millionaires' club

In the past 12 months, several ventures have managed to raise over $1 million. Check out the projects that joined the Kickstarter millionaires' club.

Military strikes in northwestern Pakistan kill dozens

At least 40 people were killed and scores were wounded in overnight airstrikes by the Pakistani military on areas in the country's northwest where militants are based, a senior military official said Tuesday.

State of emergency declared for Bangkok

The Thai government has declared a state of emergency for the tense capital of Bangkok amid anti-government protests, a security official said Tuesday.

Photos may prove torture

A team of internationally renowned war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts has found "direct evidence" of "systematic torture and killing" by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, the lawyers on the team say in a new report.

Kennedy: Dolphin hunt 'inhumane'

Local Japanese officials defend a dolphin hunt as a traditional form of fishing. CNN's Paula Hancocks has more.

Comet-chasing probe wakes up, calls home

Like a groggy traveler after a long, cold night, the European Space Agency's comet-chasing Rosetta spacecraft woke up, warmed up and called home Monday before setting off on the final leg of its journey.

Rappers film video in North Korea

D.C. rappers 'Pacman and Peso' travelled to North Korea to film a music video. CNN's Sherisse Pham reports.

Pizza maker 'gets Nairobi naked'

What would you do if you had to wait 90 minutes for your pizza to be delivered? Stare out the window with sad, hungry eyes? Call in screaming to cancel your order? Take to Twitter to vent your #waitingforever fury? Or take matters into your hands and launch your own pizza delivery store?

The fisherman turned fashion man

One summer day back in 2008, fisherman Ali Omar went to see Daniela Bleattler, a Swiss photographer living in Lamu, the beautiful island off the Kenyan coast. Struggling to make a living, Omar asked Bleattler if she had a job for him. Bleattler didn't, but asked him instead whether he could help her find any "tanga," the old sails from the traditional dhows that she loved.