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Leicester wins fight for Richard III's remains

It's been a long journey for Richard III, the 15th century king whose skeleton was found under a parking lot in the English city of Leicester. But on Friday, his final destination became clear.

Commuter chaos hits Brazil

CNN's Shasta Darlington reports on the transit strike in Brazil weeks before the World Cup tournament.

French bypass the bakery

A prize-winning baguette vending machine is bringing in the dough for French bakers. CNN's Michael Holmes reports.

How IVF changes lives

Gemma and Simon Potter were told that they would never be able to have children. Their daughter is now 2 years old.

France orders wrong size trains

After ordering $20B worth of trains, France realized many of their platforms are too small. CNN's Jim Boulden explains.

Images N. Korea doesn't want seen

Photographer Eric Lafforgue visited North Korea and shares his inside look at the most isolated country in the world.

20,000 bees removed from car

Brianna Keilar speaks to a man who watched his housemate's car get stormed by 20,000 bees in Britain.

Thai military announces coup

Thailand's military has announced that it is taking over the government in a coup. CNN's Paula Hancocks has more.

Thai military announces coup

The Thai military has taken control of the government in a coup, the country's military chief announced in a national address Thursday.

Man stabs passengers aboard Taiwan train

Moments after his train left a station in Taipei on Wednesday, a young Taiwanese man randomly stabbed passengers before his violent fury ended when he was forced to the ground, police said.