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Netanyahu: Teen's murder 'abhorrent'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday spoke with the father of the Palestinian teenager who was burned alive in Jerusalem last week, expressing shock at what he called an "abhorrent" murder.

63 women, girls 'escape from Boko Haram'

Sixty-three women and girls kidnapped by Boko Haram last month in Nigeria escaped from their captors and have returned to their burnt village, a security source and a local vigilante fighting the militant group said.

Dalai Lama to Buddhists: Stop violence against Muslims

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has made a renewed call for Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to cease violence towards the countries' Muslim minorities, in an address delivered on his 79th birthday.

Teacher stabbed, killed in front of students in France

A woman stabbed and killed a kindergarten teacher in her classroom as students watched in southwestern France Friday morning -- the last day of school before summer break -- the French education minister said.

Al-Maliki hints at another try for Iraqi PM

A defiant Nuri al-Maliki announced Friday that he would not withdraw his name as a candidate for prime minister, a statement that came hours after a leading lawmaker alleged he had agreed not to put his name forward to make it easier to pick a new leader

Jordan's farmers suffer

Caught between Syria's civil war and the burgeoning instability in Iraq, Jordanian farmers are suffering. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Putin's July 4 wish? Closer U.S. ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday he hoped for better ties with the United States in a July Fourth message to his U.S. counterpart, President Barack Obama.