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\World's best amusement parks

In the hunt for the world's best amusement park, the people have spoken -- and it seems the people like mixing with creatures who eat a lot of fish.

Man detained over murder of Russian TV anchor

A suspect has been detained in connection with the murder of a Russian TV anchor who worked for the "360 Moscow region" TV station, Russia's Investigative Committee said Wednesday

Does Japanese artist's arrest prove her point?

In a country with a flourishing porn industry and an annual penis festival, it may come as a surprise that an artist with a mission to make female genitalia "more casual and pop" has run afoul of authorities.

'We want to live'

With hopes of a cease-fire in Gaza shattered Tuesday by Hamas rockets that provoked renewed Israeli airstrikes, officials in the region are set to try again to halt the conflict. In the meantime, civilians are bearing the brunt of the conflict.

Why Chinese TV anchor's detention is significant

When "Economic News" aired last week on China's state-run TV channel, its viewers who number in the millions noticed something odd: the chair where star journalist Rui Chenggang sits was empty.

From amputee to adventurer

As a teenager, Alli Morgan lived for sports. She was a cyclist and a climber, and she played on her high school's softball and field hockey teams.

Helping grieving kids heal

At just 7 years old, Kyron Chase is facing the unimaginable: His father was murdered.

A bodybuilder with a big heart

Ned Norton was working as a fitness trainer for Olympic athletes and bodybuilders when a young man with a spinal cord injury asked him for help.

Taking autistic kids to ball game

For many families, a night at the ballpark is a treat. But it can be a nightmare for those with autistic children.

At least 4 escaped from downed Ukraine plane: Official

Four crew members escaped and two others were taken hostage from the crash of a Ukrainian transport plane hit by a rocket over the Luhansk region near the Russian border, a Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov said Tuesday.

Oscar Pistorius leaves nightclub after dispute

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius was involved in a nightclub dispute over the weekend, after another patron "started to aggressively interrogate him" on matters relating to his murder trial, his spokeswoman says.