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NASA to launch global warming satellite after loss

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 01:13
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Five years after a NASA satellite to track carbon dioxide plunged into the ocean after liftoff, the space agency is launching a carbon copy — this time on a different rocket.

NASA to launch global warming satellite after loss

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 23:03
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Five years after a NASA satellite to track carbon dioxide plunged into the ocean after liftoff, the space agency is launching a carbon copy — this time on a different rocket.

Underwater robot event ends at marine sanctuary

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 01:54
ALPENA, Mich. (AP) — About 60 teams from 18 states and 13 countries have put underwater robots through their paces at the only federal freshwater marine sanctuary in the United States.

NASA to test Mars 'flying saucer' vehicle on Earth

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 11:28
LOS ANGELES (AP) — After several weather delays, NASA will try to launch a "flying saucer" into Earth's atmosphere Saturday to test technology that could be used to land on Mars.

Cosmic caffeine: Astronauts getting espresso maker

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 23:39
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The astronauts in space will soon be sipping some good coffee. The International Space Station is getting a real Italian espresso machine.

Fire shuts down Stanford linear accelerator

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 02:59
MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say a smoky fire at the linear accelerator facility at Stanford University affected traffic on a nearby interstate, but the blaze didn't cause any injuries or pose a threat to the public.

Obama: Climate change steps making a difference

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 07:34
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is trumpeting major progress by his administration toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, even though some of the most ambitious steps Obama has pledged remain in limbo.

Feds mull Alaska's petition to delist humpbacks

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 05:28
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Federal officials say a petition filed by the state of Alaska to remove some North Pacific humpback whales from protection under the Endangered Species Act merits a closer look.

Viewers frustrated as baby eagle dies on webcam

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 04:02
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Wildlife officials are defending their decision not to intervene before an eaglet featured on a webcam died.

Scientists ask Obama to protect old growth forest

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 03:13
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — More than 75 scientists are appealing to President Barack Obama to create a policy for preserving old-growth forest.

Items from ancient Sumerian city found in cupboard

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 00:33
LONDON (AP) — Amazing what you can find when you do a good clean out.

Court asked to speed up Canada lynx recovery plan

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 00:24
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Wildlife advocates want a federal judge to order faster action on a recovery plan for imperiled Canada lynx, after wildlife officials said it could take until 2018 to finish the long-delayed work.

Monarch butterflies may have magnetic compass

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 22:29
NEW YORK (AP) — A new study suggests that monarch butterflies use an internal magnetic compass to help navigate on their annual migrations from North America to central Mexico.

Officials deny causing Missouri River floods

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 04:44
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shouldn't be blamed for causing major flooding along the Missouri River that has affected five states regularly since 2006, the federal government says in its initial response to a lawsuit.

US mayors unanimously pass climate change ideas

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 00:58
HOUSTON (AP) — A bipartisan group of mayors from across the country unanimously approved a resolution Monday that calls on cities to use natural solutions to fight the effects of climate change.

Justices limit existing EPA global warming rules

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 22:22
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Monday placed limits on the sole Obama administration program already in place to deal with power plant and factory emissions of gases blamed for global warming.

Environment, economy linked at new UN assembly

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 22:08
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The first-ever United Nations Environmental Assembly is underway in Nairobi, Kenya, where more than 150 high-level delegations are addressing environmental sustainability challenges.

Famed atom smasher gets twice the energy next year

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 22:03
GENEVA (AP) — The world's largest atom smasher is gearing up for its second three-year run after 16 months of maintenance and upgrades.

Swiss urge glacier hikers to look for artifacts

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 21:54
GENEVA (AP) — Swiss scientists are urging alpinists and hikers to keep an eye out this summer for lost items in melting ice patches — items lost hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

Settlement in case of UCLA chemist in fatal fire

Sat, 06/21/2014 - 01:43
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The criminal prosecution of a University of California, Los Angeles, chemistry professor stemming from a fatal lab fire has ended with a settlement.