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U.S. official: ISIS 'credible alternative to al Qaeda'

The Islamic State terror group is now "a credible alternative to al Qaeda" that is "expanding its presence" with foreign fighters returning from Syria, and possibly Iraq, to their home countries, a U.S. intelligence official said Thursday.

Fist fight in Ukrainian parliament

A Ukrainian parliament member takes a swing at a fellow member after clashing over support for troops in the East.

War zone wedding: Gaza couple marry at U.N. shelter

Amid the death and destruction of life in Gaza, a spark of hope for the future: A Palestinian couple have married in a makeshift wedding ceremony at the UNRWA shelter which has become their temporary home.

Shelling hits nearly all parts of Donetsk, city leaders say

Shelling hit nearly all districts of the eastern Ukrainian rebel stronghold of Donetsk on Thursday, city leaders said, signaling the latest developments in a city targeted for days by a Ukrainian military bent on retaking it.

U.S.: Iraq rescue mission 'far less likely'

The possible evacuation of thousands of Iraqis under siege by extremist fighters in the country's north is on hold after the United States completed an evaluation of the situation.

ISIS commander: Yazidi women, children abducted

ISIS fighters abducted more than 100 Yazidi women and children from the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, a senior commander with the extremist group told CNN by telephone on Wednesday.

Africa's last polar bear, dies

The last polar bear in Africa died Wednesday after months of grieving his longtime companion at a zoo in Johannesburg, a far cry from his Arctic habitat.

Russian convoy to Ukraine abruptly changes course

A convoy of 280 of Russian trucks headed for Ukraine -- which Moscow says is carrying relief goods for war-weary civilians -- has suddenly changed its course, according to a Ukrainian state news agency.