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'3 civilians killed' in NATO airstrike

An Afghan provincial government spokesman has alleged that a NATO airstrike killed at least three civilians and injured another in Afghanistan's Khost province Tuesday.

Is it a Banksy?

Clad in brown trench coats, dark glasses and trilby hats, what appear to be three secret agents huddle around a payphone box with listening equipment.

Gunmen abduct Afghan deputy minister

The Afghan Deputy Minister of Public Works, Ahmad Shah Wahid, was abducted by gunmen early Tuesday morning, the Interior Ministry said.

Africa's most endangered species

Africa is home to much unique wildlife, but many of its iconic species are threatened. Find out more about its most endangered animals.

Ukraine: Anti-terror operation starts

Ukraine's acting President Oleksandr Turchynov told the country's parliament Tuesday that an "anti-terrorist operation" is under way in part of Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region.

Two brothers re-arrested in Pakistan for cannibalism

Two brothers previously jailed for cannibalism and then released, have been arrested again after police discovered a child's severed head at their home in a remote village in northwest Pakistan.

Hunger in the land of plenty

In "the nation's salad bowl," as California's Central Valley is often called, fresh produce grows in abundance.

At fire scene, she rescues the pet

Hazel Donnelly was taking her husband to the doctor when they got a call that their apartment building was on fire.

World's most photographed places

What's New York's most popular attraction? Which world city gets photographed the most? Answers are revealed by a new photo-tagging ranking.

Hong Kong ... in Lego

In "Legography," Louis Vuitton-toting shoppers, a Big Yellow Duck and other iconic Hong Kong scenes are recreated in toy form.

Aid workers rescued in Somalia

Two Kenyan aid workers who had been held by the al Qaeda-linked militant group Al-Shabaab since 2011 have been rescued near Somalia's border with Kenya, the African Union Mission in Somalia said Friday.

Israel launches spy satellite

Israel successfully launched a spy satellite, which it hopes will improve its already formidable intelligence gathering.