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Alfred the Great bone found?

CNN's Max Foster reports on the discovery of a bone researchers believe could belong to Alfred the Great.

Anne Frank's toys to go on display

Shortly before she and her family went into hiding, Anne Frank gave some of her toys to a friend for safekeeping -- a tin of marbles, a tea set and a book.

Putin arrives in Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Sochi on Tuesday, state media reported, as the Black Sea resort city enters the final stages of preparations for hosting the Winter Olympics.

Spain nets a ton of cocaine in floating backpacks

Spanish authorities went fishing for backpacks full of cocaine and netted nearly a ton of the drug after uncovering what they say was a sophisticated undersea smuggling operation.

Report: Syria to ship toxic agents out of country

Syria plans to send a large shipment of toxic agents out of the country this month, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told Russian state-run news agency Ria Novosti.

Bus blast kills 2 soldiers in Yemeni capital

Two soldiers were killed and 14 others injured Tuesday when a bomb planted under a military bus exploded in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, authorities said.

Saudi man loses 700 pounds

A Saudi man has lost more than 700 pounds (320 kilograms) -- more than half his body weight -- since Saudi Arabia's King ordered him hospitalized in August, according to a Saudi magazine that interviewed him at a hospital.

Man 'drifted 13 months in Pacific'

A mysterious castaway claiming to have been lost at sea for 13 months is now safely back on land, but many questions remain about how he could have lived on his small boat for so long as it drifted across the Pacific Ocean.

Al Qaeda 'disowns' Syria affiliate

Al Qaeda appears to have had enough of one of its affiliates fighting in Syria: the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The group has been locked in conflict with other Islamist factions and gained a grim reputation for abuses in parts of Syria it controls, including summary executions and mass killings.

Record rainfall hits UK

After violent December storms put a damper on many people's holiday season, this January was the wettest on record for parts of England.

10 eye-popping buildings of 2014

Take a worldwide tour of some of the most extraordinary structures set to be completed this year, including the world's first "invisible" tower, and a vertical city in the sky.