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Even 'office cat' knew about U.K. hacking: Ex-journalist

Even "the office cat" knew about phone hacking at News of the World, a former journalist at the tabloid insisted in court Wednesday, testifying that his phone hacking skills were the main reason former Editor Andy Coulson hired him.

China expels New York Times reporter

Reporting in China is becoming increasingly difficult and many wonder if it's worth the effort. Kristie Lu Stout reports.

Ukraine debates amnesty for protesters

Ukraine's lawmakers are meeting again Wednesday in a special session of Parliament to debate a possible amnesty for protesters arrested during weeks of demonstrations.

Snowboard 'addict' cheats death

Only in the extreme world of big-mountain snowboarding could someone cheat death in an avalanche and realize it had reaffirmed their love of the powder. "Blood was coming out of every hole in my body and I was completely unconscious," says French daredevil Xavier de Le Rue.

John Paul II's blood stolen from Italian church

Missing: One small, round, golden container. Contents: The blood of the late, soon-to-be-canonized Pope John Paul II. If found, please notify Italian police and the church of San Pietro della Ienca.

Ousted Egyptian leader Morsy denounces trial

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, appearing before a Cairo court Tuesday to face charges related to a 2011 jailbreak, denounced the process as unfair and unjust.