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ISIS takes major Syrian oil field, group says

The extremist Sunni militant group that recently declared a caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq has taken control of a major Syrian oil field from other fighters, a UK-based monitoring group said Thursday.

Hong Kong's fading neon signs

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports on Hong Kong's iconic neon signage, which could soon be a thing of the past.

Tattoo art business boom

Don't call them parlors, they are tattoo art studios and are no longer in decline. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.

Museum unveils toilet exhibit

Tokyo's science museum has opened an exhibit focusing on the commode, even offering visitors the chance to be flushed.

Death metal on London's streets

To liven up London's insurance district, art has been displayed curbside, including a black cube with a loud surprise. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.

'Disability never sleeps,' Pistorius doctor argues

Do not be taken in by the fact that Oscar Pistorius is one of the fastest runners in the world -- remember he is disabled, one of his doctors argued at the sprinter's murder trial Thursday.

Top China aides ousted from Communist Party

Three more officials have been given the chop as part of China's anti-corruption drive. The disgraced politicians are the latest in a string of purges of former aides to Zhou Yongkang, China's retired chief of domestic security, fueling speculation that Zhou will eventually face charges.

U.S. embassy warns of threat to Uganda airport

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda said that it had been warned of a "specific threat" Thursday evening against Entebbe International Airport in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

Can Ebola outbreak be stopped?

African ministers and health experts are meeting with one thing on their minds: how to stop the biggest ever outbreak of the Ebola virus from extending its deadly reach still further.

Living with bound feet

Jo Farrell speaks to Kristie Lu Stout about her mission to document China's last surviving women with bound feet.

What's behind Hong Kong protests?

Nearly 800,000 Hong Kongers have done something China's 1.3 billion people can only dream of: cast a ballot to demand a democratic government.