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Principal fired over Sewol ferry disaster

The principal of a high school, which lost 244 students and 10 teachers in the deadly Sewol ferry disaster in April, has been removed from his post, according to the local education office.

Ukraine to implement unilateral ceasefire

Ukraine's President on Wednesday announced that he will implement a unilateral cease-fire to ease the crisis in the restive eastern part of the country.

Japan cracks down on child porn

Japan has passed a bill outlawing child pornography, but as CNN's Will Ripley reports there are loopholes.

'Militants driven back' from Iraq refinery

Iraq's military claimed Wednesday to have driven back militants who stormed the country's main oil refinery in the town of Baiji, the latest front in the battle for control of swaths of Iraq.

Pakistan airstrikes kill 25 militants, army says

Pakistan continued its crackdown on militants in North Waziristan for a sixth day Tuesday, killing more than 20 Taliban and other fighters with airstrikes, the Pakistani army said.

Dissident 'pork' artist arrives in Sydney after deportation

Prominent Chinese-Australian artist Guo Jian has arrived in Sydney after being deported from China where he was held by police for 15 days following his comments on the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square military crackdown.

World's top 20 museums

A woman with a mysterious smile is one of the most magnetic draws at the world's most popular museum.

Defense lawyers: Crew barely escaped stricken ferry

The lawyer for the first mate of the ill-fated Sewol ferry told an emotionally-charged court his client left the sinking ship because he thought the coast guard would be able to rescue the passengers.

Where does ISIS get its money?

ISIS is now being called the world's richest terrorist group. Randi Kaye reports on who is funding them.

World Cup is more than football

CNN's Fred Pleitgen travels to Japiri, Brazil, home to the country's first public program to teach golf to poor kids.

ISIS continues Iraq advance

As Islamic militants continue their murderous advance in Iraq, the Pentagon is moving more firepower and manpower into the region to prepare for whatever U.S. President Barack Obama orders.