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Argentina erupts in riots

Riots broke out in the streets of Buenos Aires after Argentina's World Cup loss to Germany.

China's star TV anchor detained

China Central Television anchor Rui Chenggang was detained shortly before airtime, according to state media.

Costa Concordia refloated

The last time anyone saw Russel Rebello alive, he was near the stern of the Costa Concordia, helping passengers into rescue boats.

Gaza airstrikes toll 'passes 170'

By Monday morning, the death toll from nearly a week of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza had reached 172 -- all of them Palestinians -- with more than 1,250 wounded, according to Palestinian health authorities.

Israel drops warnings on Gaza

Israeli forces dropped leaflets in Gaza to warn residents to move away from Hamas sites immediately to avoid airstrikes. The death toll from Israeli strikes in Gaza has topped 160, about 70% of who were civilians.

29 killed when militants raid Baghdad apartments

At least 26 women and three men were killed when militants stormed several apartments in the Zayona residential complexes in eastern Baghdad, security officials told CNN on Saturday.

Iron Dome buys Israel time

Opinion: Israel's missile defense system is more than a military asset. It counters political risk.

Earthquake rocks northern Japan; tsunami warning issued

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake early Saturday struck offshore not far from Fukushima, Japan -- the epicenter of a nuclear crisis following a massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami -- the Japan Meteorological Agency reported.

Dinosaur skeletons returned to Mongolia

Dinosaur skeletons illegally smuggled in to the United States have been turned over to the Mongolian government in a repatriation ceremony Thursday.

Controversial South African ad faces no action

A television commercial that prompted complaints for its portrayal of a white woman feeding a young black boy like a dog will not be formally investigated, South Africa's advertising watchdog has ruled.

Iraq's top diplomat replaced, sources say

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurdish member of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government, has been replaced, according to two senior Iraqi government officials.

Volunteering for feel-good vacation

How often have you been on vacation and barely left your resort? It's all too easy to stick to the tourist trail when you have little time available and are in unfamiliar surroundings.