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Evacuees try to flee Homs as Syria talks move slowly

Groups of civilians in Syria were evacuating a besieged city Wednesday as opposition leaders unveiled a diplomatic road map they hope will lead their country out of a brutal civil war.

'Pink Panthers' jewel thieves held in Spain?

Years on the run as a suspected member of the feared "Pink Panthers" gang of international jewel thieves have ended for a Serbian man who's been arrested in a Madrid suburb, Spanish police said Wednesday.

Wild weather batters Europe

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned the UK is experiencing its worst flooding in decades as rain and and unusually strong winds continue to batter parts of Western Europe.

Brain-dead woman dies in Canada after son's birth

A ventilator kept Robyn Benson breathing for six weeks so the baby growing inside her could survive. The brain-dead woman died Sunday, a day after doctors delivered her son.

'Japanese Beethoven': I can hear 'sometimes'

A once-celebrated Japanese composer who last week confessed his works were written by a ghostwriter, and subsequently had doubt cast on his claim to be deaf, now admits at least partially faking his hearing loss.

Prince William: Time to fight illegal wildlife trade

Britain's Prince William called for global action Wednesday to stop the illegal wildlife trade that's devastating populations of some of the world's most magnificent wild animals -- including elephants, rhinos and tigers.

2 children among 9 slain in Pakistan, police say

Militants in northwestern Pakistan have killed nine family members of a slain leader of a pro-government militia, including at least two children, police said Wednesday.

Meet Westminster's new top dog

Sky, a five-year-old Wire Fox Terrier grabbed the "Best in show" title at the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Richard III's DNA decode

Scientists are to sequence the entire genome of Richard III -- the King found buried beneath an English car parking lot like.

Why has Sochi been so warm?

If you've packed your warmest hat and coziest jacket for the Winter Olympics, it would be a bit disconcerting to look out your hotel window and see a palm tree, swaying in a gentle spring-like breeze.

Gigi Chao: Dowry got out of hand

Monita Rajpal speaks to Gigi Chao, the lesbian woman whose father offered a huge dowry to any man who could marry her.

Spectacular Designs of the Year

What do a floating school in Nigeria, Kate Moss's favorite app, and a Lego timetable have in common? They have all been nominated for Designs of the Year, awarded annually by London's Design Museum for the best in architecture, fashion, furniture, and product design. CNN takes you on a tour of highlights of this year's shortlist.