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ISIS declares 'caliphate' in Iraq, Syria

Emboldened by a weakened Iraqi government that is struggling to stop their murderous advance, the extremists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria declared over the weekend that they have set up a caliphate spanning large areas of the two countries.

North Korea proposes end to hostilities with South

North Korea on Monday proposed that "all hostile military activities" with South Korea "come to a complete halt" this week, but it attached a number of conditions that Seoul is likely to reject.

Psych evaluation, trial resumes

The trial of Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius resumes in South Africa Monday after being halted for a month-long psychiatric assessment of the athlete.

Benghazi terror suspect charged

Benghazi terror suspect Abu Khatallah pleads not guilty to material support of terrorism in federal court in Washington.

Inside TV star Jimmy Savile's abuse

A new government investigation reveals the full extend of Savile' sexual predatory actions. His youngest victims was 5.

Nepal's Organ Trail: How traffickers steal kidneys

In Nepal, an aging population combined with poor diets and no health insurance system means increased organ disease. The one in highest demand? The kidney. And black market traffickers will do anything to get them.

'Drastic action is needed' now to stop Ebola epidemic

The World Health Organization says "drastic action is needed" to stop the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. It has sent teams of experts to help locals deal with the epidemic and WHO plans to meet next week to discuss how to contain it.

Poroshenko: Cease-fire talks continue

New Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told CNN's Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview Thursday that negotiations with Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine would continue Friday, when he will sign a cooperation agreement with the European Union that sparked the crisis in his country.