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Ex-gardener transforms school

It's early in the morning on a sunny mid-January day and Khensani primary school is buzzing once again. Cheers and laughter fill the schoolyard as groups of arriving pupils line up in rows under a big red kiosk. After a long summer break, it's back to school time -- and rules need repeating.

All eyes on Russia for Olympic opening

Ready or not, Russia kicks off the Opening Ceremony on Friday as the world turns its attention to Sochi for the costliest Olympic Games in history.

Australian authorities destroy $630 million worth of heroin

The Australian navy destroyed nearly 353 kilograms (780 pounds) of heroin Friday, two days after intercepting the drugs on a smuggling vessel off the coast of Tanzania, the Australian Department of Defense said.

Pentagon: Military dog seized by Taliban isn't ours

The Pentagon says a military dog seized by the Taliban in Afghanistan doesn't belong to U.S. forces, contrary to the Taliban's claim, but rather belongs to an ally force, a U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said Thursday.

Hundreds freed after rebels seize Syrian prison

Rebels and jihadi fighters in Syria seized control of a major prison in war-torn Aleppo from government forces on Thursday, freeing hundreds of prisoners after months of clashes, human rights groups and activists said.

Ex-teacher now runs drug cartel

Channel 4 News reporter Guillermo Galdos tracks down Mexico's "La Tuta," a former school teacher who now runs a cartel.

Sharks get image makeover

Not since Mickey Mouse raised the profile of the common house rodent has an animal enjoyed such an extreme makeover, but sharks -- once the subject of guts-and-gore horror classics like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea -- have entered the new millennium as "beautiful creatures."