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Sources: 7 killed in Pakistan drone strike

Seven suspected militants were killed and three others were injured Wednesday in a drone strike in Pakistan, Pakistani intelligence and government officials told CNN on Wednesday.

Iraqi Yazidi MP: 'My people are being killed'

When radical Islamist fighters stormed the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar over the weekend, the Yazidi minority who call it home fled into the surrounding mountains in fear of their lives.

A day into Gaza truce, talks expected to begin in Cairo

A day into a 72-hour cease-fire, many Palestinians are still facing up to the scale of the devastation in parts of Gaza as officials from Israel and Hamas gather in Cairo for talks about how to make the truce last.

Nigeria's lavish wedding industry

If inviting a couple of hundred of your nearest and dearest to your wedding sounds like a big gathering, then you are probably not getting married in Nigeria.

Israel: Teens killing suspect 'senior Hamas' member

A man arrested in July and accused of having a role in the kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli teenagers is "a senior member of Hamas," Mark Regev, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Waiting for a new face

"These types of patients have such disfigurement beforehand they can't eat, they can't breathe properly. It's about functionality," says Dr. Richard Luskin, CEO of the New England Organ Bank.

These aren't actually flowers

Most flowers start as seeds planted in soil, but Wim Noorduin, currently a post-doc researcher at Harvard, prefers to craft bouquets using Barium carbonate and sodium metasilicate. The two chemicals are disolved in a glass beaker filled with water and as carbon dioxide seeps into the vessel it kickstarts a chemical reaction that creates a wonderland of micro-sculptures that are about the diameter of the human hair.

Scores missing as ferry capsizes

At least two people have been killed, and scores remain missing as Bangladeshi rescuers continue to search for survivors after a river-going ferry capsized in Bangladesh, police said.

Russian troop numbers boosted at Ukraine border: NATO

Russia now has some 20,000 troops stationed by its border with conflict-torn eastern Ukraine, a NATO official told CNN Tuesday, a buildup that may trigger concern in Kiev and among its Western allies.

Fighter jet scrambled to escort plane into UK airport

A fighter jet was scrambled Tuesday to escort a passenger plane into Britain's Manchester Airport after the pilot received information that a "possible suspicious device" was on board, police said.

Skyscraper threatened by sinkholes

The construction of what would be Seoul's tallest building has hit a snag following the appearance of a number of mysterious sinkholes in and around the neighborhood where it is being built.

Alan Gross 'withdrawn,' saying goodbye

Detained American Alan Gross told his wife and daughter something they weren't expecting during a recent visit in Cuba: Goodbye.

Does Hamas use human shields?

Randi Kaye looks into Israel's claim that Hamas uses its civilians as human shields to garner international sympathy.