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Turkey's Twitter ban condemned, even by own president

A Turkish government ban on Twitter has provoked widespread fury in Turkey, and condemnation around the world, with the country's own president taking to the social media website to condemn Ankara's actions.

Search highlights garbage problem

Two weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, one thing has been made clear: the ocean is full of garbage, literally.

What does Putin want next?

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin an opportunist, grabbing at chances to poke the West in the eye, or a clever strategist with the longer-term goal of restoring a greater Russia? Is he simply riding a tide of Russian patriotic fervor over Crimea? Is he a rational actor aware of the delicate balances within the international system, or as one observer put it, "drunk on power" and oblivious to sanctions?

Dozens killed in string of Iraq attacks

A wave of violence swept across Iraq on Friday, resulting in at least 38 deaths, police said. Most of the casualties occurred in Sunni towns and cities, according to police in Baquba, Ramadi, Mosul, Samarra, Kirkuk and Tikrit.

Suicide fears as families wait

Father of aviation engineer aboard Flight 370 says he's sure his son had nothing to do with plane's disappearance.

Thai court declares February election invalid

Thailand's constitutional court has declared the country's February 2 general election invalid as it breached a law requiring that the polling process be completed on the same day nationwide.

Sightings or mistakes?

Actual sightings or mistakes? Who's REALLY seen the missing airliner? Jeanne Moos reports on eyewitnesses and sleuths.

Russia finalizes Crimea accession

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk signed the political elements of a trade pact with the European Union on Friday, even as Russian lawmakers finalized the annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region.

Turkish PM vows to 'eradicate' Twitter

Hours after Turkey's prime minister vowed to "eradicate" Twitter, Turkish Internet users began to experience widespread disruptions Thursday while trying to access the popular social networking website.

Death toll climbs as protests still rage in Venezuela

At least 31 people have died in Venezuela and 461 have been injured in violent clashes between opposition demonstrators and government forces that began last month, an official said Thursday.

Russia lawmakers vote to annex Crimea

A Ukrainian navy chief detained when pro-Russian forces took over the naval headquarters in Crimea is released, but the tense standoff continues, with Ukraine saying it will never stop fighting for the peninsula just annexed by Russia.

'Scrap metal' turns into $20 million find

A $14,000 jumble sale find turned into millions of dollars for a man who'd been thwarted in his attempts to turn a quick profit by selling the tiny ornament to scrap metal dealers.

Pistorius to sell Pretoria home for legal costs

Oscar Pistorius -- the standout athlete now on trial accused of the murder of his girlfriend -- plans to sell his Pretoria home "to raise the necessary funds to cover his increasing legal costs," a statement on his website said Thursday.

Aboard plane as it scours for clues

CNN was aboard a Royal Australian Air Force C-130 as it scoured the Indian Ocean for possible debris from Flight 370.

Many killed, wounded in Afghan fighting

Taliban militants stormed a police station in eastern Afghanistan, and a deadly gun battle ensued, the country's Interior Ministry said.