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New restrictions in Kenya for travelers amid Ebola fears

Kenya Airways will suspend flight operations to Liberia and Sierra Leone, the latest airline to curb flights because of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The suspension is temporary, and the airline will continue operating flights to Nigeria and Ghana, Kenya Airways said.

U.S. strikes ISIS targets near dam

Kurdish forces, with the aid of U.S. airstrikes, on Saturday began weakening the grip that extremist militants hold over key piece of infrastructure in northern Iraq -- the Mosul Dam.

2 UN peacekeepers killed in latest in spate of attacks in Mali

In fresh evidence the threat of violence in Mali -- and, specifically, attacks directed at international forces -- hasn't gone away, two U.N. peacekeepers died and nine others were hurt in a suicide attack Saturday, the U.N. mission there said.

Boko Haram kidnaps at least 97, kills 28 in raid

The Islamist terror group Boko Haram kidnapped at least 97 men and boys and killed 28 people this week in a raid on villages in Borno State in northeast Nigeria, a local leader and residents said Friday.

Thousands join anti-government march on Pakistan's capital

Thousands of anti-government supporters led by two of Pakistan's most influential figures have joined a march to Islamabad to demand the resignation of the country's prime minister, prompting a major security operation.

Ukrainian border guards inspect convoy

Ukrainian border guards are in Russia and have started to examine the contents of a huge convoy of trucks that Moscow says is carrying relief goods for civilians in war-torn eastern Ukraine, authorities said Friday.

Face-to-face with sharks

Photographer Michael Muller is a man without fear. He swims among sharks without the protection of a cage to make studio-quality, intimate photos of these beautiful creatures. As scary as that might sound, the top predators are at the bottom of his list of concerns. He's usually far more concerned about all the gear he brings into the water.

Ebola crisis 'vastly underestimated'

The magnitude of the Ebola crisis in West Africa is "vastly" underestimated, the WHO said as the death toll rose to more than 1,000.

U.S. official: ISIS 'credible alternative to al Qaeda'

The Islamic State terror group is now "a credible alternative to al Qaeda" that is "expanding its presence" with foreign fighters returning from Syria, and possibly Iraq, to their home countries, a U.S. intelligence official said Thursday.

Fist fight in Ukrainian parliament

A Ukrainian parliament member takes a swing at a fellow member after clashing over support for troops in the East.

War zone wedding: Gaza couple marry at U.N. shelter

Amid the death and destruction of life in Gaza, a spark of hope for the future: A Palestinian couple have married in a makeshift wedding ceremony at the UNRWA shelter which has become their temporary home.