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China treads carefully amid anger, grief of MH370 relatives

Over the past few days, the families of the 154 Chinese passengers who were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have been oscillating between grief and visceral anger as the search for the plane carrying their loved ones continues.

Report: Executions rise in 2013, China tops the list

Virtual "killing sprees" in Iran and Iraq led to a spike in the number of executions globally last year, according to Amnesty International, at odds with a steady decline in the use of the death penalty around the world over the last two decades.

Global health success: India to be certified free of polio

India is to be certified polio-free by the World Health Organization after going three years without an endemic case of polio. The eradication of polio in India is heralded as one of the biggest achievements in global health efforts.

Families turn MH370 grief into action

Beijing, China: Jack's elder sister was returning from a holiday. Her connecting flight was through Kuala Lumpur on MH370. After news of the missing flight, Jack took leave from his job to come to Beijing in search of answers.

Copenhagen Zoo defends lion killing

Just weeks after killing a healthy giraffe, the Copenhagen Zoo defends killing four lions. CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports.

'Bishop of Bling' resigns

CNN's Delia Gallagher explains the significance of the removal of a German bishop from his post.

More than 120 objects spotted in plane search

New satellite images provided by a French defense firm show 122 objects floating in the southern Indian Ocean, not far from other satellite sightings that could be related to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Malaysian transport minister said Wednesday.

Copenhagen Zoo kills 4 lions

A Danish zoo that made international headlines last month when it killed a healthy giraffe is once again in the news after it killed four lions to make way for a new male.