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Guilty of crimes against humanity

Two former top leaders in Cambodia's notorious Khmer Rouge, which ruled the Southeast Asian country between 1975 and 1979, were found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Khmer Rouge leaders face justice

Thirty-five years after the fall of Cambodia's genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, believed responsible for deaths of at least 1.7 million people between 1975 and 1979, only a single person has been brought to justice over one of the 20th century's great atrocities.

Life in an abandoned airport

On the wing of an empty airplane, a young boy is practicing his backward-bend. In the cockpit, a crowd have gathered -- taking it in turns to play captain.

Dozens killed in Iraqi airstrike

At least 76 men were killed Wednesday when the Iraqi air force struck a building in Mosul believed to be used by Islamic militants as a temporary detention center, an Iraqi official told CNN.

Australian couple defends decision to leave Down's baby behind

What was supposed to be a straightforward cash deal to carry a child for desperate parents has turned into an international spat over who said what, and exposed the darker side of a business credited with creating happiness for many couples.

Rosetta becomes first spacecraft to orbit comet

After a 10-year chase taking it billions of miles across the solar system, the Rosetta spacecraft made history Wednesday as it became the first probe to rendezvous with a comet on its journey around the sun.

Train traps man's leg, but then ...

After a man in Australia slipped and became trapped between a train and a platform, commuters pushed the train off him.

Sources: 7 killed in Pakistan drone strike

Seven suspected militants were killed and three others were injured Wednesday in a drone strike in Pakistan, Pakistani intelligence and government officials told CNN on Wednesday.

Iraqi Yazidi MP: 'My people are being killed'

When radical Islamist fighters stormed the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar over the weekend, the Yazidi minority who call it home fled into the surrounding mountains in fear of their lives.

A day into Gaza truce, talks expected to begin in Cairo

A day into a 72-hour cease-fire, many Palestinians are still facing up to the scale of the devastation in parts of Gaza as officials from Israel and Hamas gather in Cairo for talks about how to make the truce last.

Nigeria's lavish wedding industry

If inviting a couple of hundred of your nearest and dearest to your wedding sounds like a big gathering, then you are probably not getting married in Nigeria.

Israel: Teens killing suspect 'senior Hamas' member

A man arrested in July and accused of having a role in the kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli teenagers is "a senior member of Hamas," Mark Regev, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Waiting for a new face

"These types of patients have such disfigurement beforehand they can't eat, they can't breathe properly. It's about functionality," says Dr. Richard Luskin, CEO of the New England Organ Bank.