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North Korea fires missiles into the sea

North Korea fired two short-range missiles off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula early Wednesday, a South Korean Defense Ministry official said.

Death toll 90 in Uganda weekend attacks

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni says sectarian and chauvinistic cultural leaders are behind weekend attacks by people, armed mainly with machetes and spears, who killed security personnel and civilians in the western part of the country.

Typhoon Neoguri whips Okinawa

Typhoon Neoguri lashed the Japanese island of Okinawa with strong winds and heavy rain Tuesday, knocking out power to thousands and causing a handful of injuries, according to emergency officials.

When Ferrari meets trains

This is what happens when you ask a super-car designer to create a super swanky train.

Pamplona's running of the bulls

Each year Pamplona's dangerous tradition, 'Running of the Bulls' attract thousands of participants from across the globe.