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Proposal to Cut Alaska Legislator Benefits

A panel of Alaska House members is proposing to slash payments for in-session expenses.

Congress to Address Opioid Problem

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan co-sponsored the Comprehensive Addiction And Recovery Act.

Alleged Arsonist Tries to Burn Occupied Car

A Fairbanks man has been jailed on charges of felony assault and arson.

NASA Astronaut to Visit Fairbanks

Leroy Chiao will give a visual presentation about his journey in four previous space missions this Saturday.

Meth Dealers Banished from Alaska Village

The Chief of the Allakaket Tribe, PJ Simon, banished four community members for dealing methamphetamine.

OPEC Pricing Could Destabilize

If some countries don't stick to the agreement, it can fall apart.

International Observance to End Slavery

Today, February 23rd, people all over the world are celebrating an event known as 'Shine A Light on Slavery.'

Bad Roads Could Get Worse

With the temperatures rising, snow has become significantly wet, making the roads very slick in Fairbanks.

Petroleum Representative 'Insulted' by Consultant

The state house resources committee held a hearing on House Bill 111, the oil and gas production tax measure.

Two Dead In What Appears To Be Murder, Suicide

Woman believed killed by estranged boyfriend

Tammie Wilson OCS Battle Continues

The Representative from North Pole is calling on the Governor to take action on what she calls a broken system.

Fundraising Dinner for Love, INC this Friday

The 3rd annual 'Agape Dinner' is happening this Friday to raise funds for the charity 'Love, INC', or 'Love in the name of Christ'.

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